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‘Enlightenment’ says Sedartis, with sad eyes turned into mine, ‘does not keep on its own, forever, sweet, like honey in a jar, it needs nurture, refreshing; the darkness around it is strong and forever encroaches. Without care, the flame will go out: the flame of enlightenment requires our hearts and, indeed, our soul: you live in a soulless world where your science and your money have made you sceptical, cynical. You do not believe in a soul, because your science has not found a measure or word for it yet. Be not so hostile, my friend’ – this is the first time Sedartis addresses me ‘friend’ – ‘to things you can’t see, you can’t measure you can’t understand in your mind: that would be arrogance supreme. Generations before you thought not things would ever be possible that to you are now commonplace, why should you assume that today you know everything? Allow time to infuse you with humility and passion in equal measure. And feed, forever, with these the light, as, if you do not, it will go out; but if you do,’ his eyes now newly aflame, ‘light conquers darkness, just as it must.’

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