Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

Physical copies of EDEN miniatures are all print-on-demand titles, meaning they are produced as and when ordered.

Separate from these ‘ordinary’ copies, there is now a strictly limited edition of 25 individually numbered and signed copies per title. These carry an additional dedication page with their number and a unique identifier on the last page of the interior. The usual barcode on the back cover is also replaced with a Special Edition barcode.

As these copies are individually signed, please allow ten working days for delivery in the UK and EU, and up to fifteen working days anywhere else.

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Dimensions — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

What do you do if you find yourself miles and miles from where you thought you were supposed to be going, and you realise that the person sitting opposite you at the Limonlu Bahçe, Taksim, Istanbul, is your younger self? 'Dimensions' stakes out the multiple realities that create the settings through which we meander, along our path in pursuit of becoming ourselves.


Heart — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

The curious Heart—sometimes adventurous, often yearning—latches on to those whom it recognises as good people. Sometimes to no end at all, sometimes to surprising effect, and often just to learn that it doesn’t really understand this universe, nor is it likely to, ever. Stories, impressions and memories, about friendship and love.


The Snowflake Collector — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

Withdrawn from the world and searching for a purpose to his existence, The Snowflake Collector discovers a way to communicate his understanding of snowflakes, and in the process reconciles himself with the universe.


The Ice King — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

'The Ice King' is a poetic short story about life in a world of the senses and the expanded mind.


The Planet Walk — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

'The Planet Walk' is a poetic perambulation through our solar system, and through the constellations formed by mind, body and soul, in search of identity and meaning.


The Tape — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

In 'The Tape', the discovery of an old cassette tape featuring an audio diary prompts the reliving of a train journey across Europe, and a trip into the heart where the growing pains of friendship and loss, adventure and love commingle to tell their own kind of story.


Istanbul — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

Istanbul is the location for an unlikely—though often imagined—encounter between a younger and an older self. It triggers memories, of course, but more than that it prompts a reflection on what it means to love, what it means to discover, and what it means to be.


Sedartis — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

Sedartis is the interlocutor from another reality who—unbidden and welcome in equal measure—looks at this world with a curious mixture of concern, outrage and wonder, and voices about it the things that can be known by anyone, though they be seldom expressed.


Encounters — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

Encounters – recalled, not recorded; random, recollected, perhaps, rather than collected. No system, no method; no categories and no index: just a collation of living done amongst friends who have never really been strangers, who simply had not yet met…


The Bournemouth & Boscombe Trilogy — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

Two stories and an unexpected link between them make up The Bournemouth & Boscombe Trilogy, about a beautiful place on earth where, like anywhere else in the world, terrible and wonderful things may happen side by side…


Insomnia — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

In 'Insomnia', four short pieces take a curious look at the quirkinesses of our existence, from the tentative but thoughtful proposition of a Connexum, to a poetic portrait of The Fire Breather, to a succinct treatise on the problem of the giraffe taking a shower in QED, right through to the paradoxical challenges of sleeplessness


Euphoria — Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

A chance encounter with a younger self prompts an unruly reflection on not just what lies ahead of this person who should be so familiar, and yet isn’t at all, but also on what, if anything, it might mean now to be human. Euphoria may not be inevitable, but nor is it unattainable, after all…


EDEN miniatures — Complete Set Limited Edition Numbered & Signed

This is the complete set of twelve volumes. Each volume will carry the same number and be signed individually. This item will be sent by insured, tracked and signed for-delivery.