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You’ve arrived at EDEN by FREI — a concept narrative in the here & now about the where, the wherefore and forever.

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EDEN sets out from the oft-posed question: what would you say or do if, halfway through your life, you happened to bump into your younger self?

A mash-up of invented autobiography and experienced imagination, it then goes off on deliberately wide and frivolously unruly tangents, meandering through observations, self-contained short stories and philosophical reflections to finally arrive at something that resembles a conclusion.

Originally written and published in blog format, it is now a series of twelve EDEN miniatures which are available as handsome paperbacks and ebooks.

Starting 1 July 2020 you are also now able to follow it as series of readings in a twice-weekly video blog on YouTube, or, if you prefer, you can watch the same videos as they come online right here, starting with the Introduction now.

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