EDEN is the first project by FREI. (There are further ones in the pipeline…)

I’m calling it a ‘concept narrative‘, because it may or may not be/become/befit any of a number of things, such as an experiment in publishing, a blueprint for a performance piece, a crossover creation or something I haven’t yet thought of.

So I’m starting it as a blog with attendant, dedicated pages on Facebook and Ello, and there’s also a Twitter feed, of course: @by_FREI.

EDEN sets out from the simple, oft-posed, question: what do you say or do if, halfway through your life, you happen to bump into your younger self? It then goes off on wildly tangential meanders of observation and ponderages on meaning before reaching any sort of conclusion. (Though it does reach some sort of conclusion…)

And because it’s by nature a mash-up of invented autobiography and experienced imagination, I’ve decided to do this as FREI – frei in Swiss and German means free and it’s also a serviceably apt acronym in English: Fuck Rules: Explore & Invent. (There are subtler ways of putting it, but why mince words at this stage.)

It’s also my actual, official and original name: so now you could call it a metanym.

Perhaps, then, what FREI is about is connecting with what was at the core at the beginning: a sense of adventure, of setting out to forge an identity with nothing to lose and no fear, an openness to discover through doing, through travel, through encounter; the unashamed, frivolous wonder of living and finding a way of losing yourself in our shared existence through simply creating.

First of August was the thirtieth anniversary of my arrival in London – that seemed as good as any a date to launch EDEN. It’s now ‘live’ and will run till it’s done.


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