The Snowflake Collector


“…the snowflakes tumbling from the skies like clumsy, half-frozen bumble bees out of a freezer up in the cloud. There was something in him still that reminded him of the kindness of people, and he let one or two of these snowflakes alight on his hand, and they melted and ceased to exist. How sad, he thought to himself, how just, and yes, how poetic. And he recalled once upon a time being a poet, and that’s when he decided to capture and keep them.”

The Snowflake Collector, alone but not lonely, lives at the end of the valley, the far end, where in the multiple dimensions of snowflakes he discovers a purpose to his life and finds a way to share this with the world through the encompassing power of love.

The Snowflake Collector first appeared here as part of EDEN by FREI and now, beautifully illustrated by Diego Cassia, becomes a hardcover print and ebook.

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The Snowflake Collector, Sebastian Michael, Illustrated by Diego Cassia

Optimist Books by Optimist Creations 2016, ISBN 978-1-68418-180-3 
Hardback, 86 pages, colour illustrations

Also as ePub, ISBN 978–1–68418–182–7


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