1 Juice

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One thought on “1 Juice”

  1. I know of someone who just wanted to get to forty and not be taken by Hiv
    I know of a friend who says I can go on living if …..There are an an enormous infinitesimal expressions of sexuality
    I have seduced in sensuality and have been seduced but not wanted by the other
    When one as a man has no way to express in words
    I have had to abandon my home
    I have no where to go
    I am fleeing terror
    One kisses and clutches the other Some men say hello this way; some to barter sexual attention for saftey
    Witness the silent ballet of sensuality at the heath pure sensuality Love in a moment or an addiction ? It’s on a spectrum
    I lived this
    Is a fetish at the horizon of all male desire ?
    Agape or erotic A mixture of the two on the spectrum
    And then words to conceal ,to distance Or to order a person a group ,or a nation for good or ill.

    Words can eliminate the object
    Can one not know what one wants ?
    Words can make the object disappear

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