Now the problem of the giraffe taking a shower is a very serious one which has never really been solved. It is also very much doubtful whether it ever will be solved, since it is such a serious, vexed and great one. 

The giraffe taking a shower has the great problem that the water running down his beautiful long ears, along his beautiful long neck, over his delightful belly, and down his beautiful long legs, reaches his exquisite toes when it is unlikely to be quite as warm as it was when it rinsed over those beautiful long ears, some while ago. In fact it is very likely to be rather cold. 

Thus the giraffe taking a shower finds himself confronted with the everlasting conundrum of an undisintangleable dilemma. This sounds unlikely, I know, that is we all know, you and I know and everybody we know knows it sounds remarkably unlikely, but it is nevertheless very true: should he, the giraffe taking a shower, risk burning the tips of his beautiful long ears, or perchance freeze to the bone beneath them his so exquisite toes. 

If he sets the water temperature too high, he will invariably burn the tips of his beautiful ears, or at the very least get very hot in his head, which is almost equally uncomfortable; does he, however, try to avoid this by tuning the water a little colder, he will of course not burn his ears, but by the time the water will have run down all of his beautiful long neck, his delightful belly will already shiver a little, and when the water finally reaches his exquisite toes it will be plain cold, and he will awfully chill his sensitive foot ends.

So this, as most easily can be understood, is the problem of the giraffe taking a shower. What is he supposed to do: should he drop the idea of having a shower altogether and instead take the occasional bath? That might seem like a sensible solution. But how complicated a thing to do. For a giraffe. No one could expect him to just simply fold his neck when he wants to wash it, and how can he reach his beautiful ears when his beautiful long legs still are not half as long as his beautiful neck? 

Oh I can tell you, a giraffe has no easy life to live. His problems are many, and none of them is a small one, let alone short. He or she, the giraffe taking a shower, is a poor creature, just like you and like me.

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