EDEN live

EDEN by FREI is now complete and the second, in-sequence, series of posts in place.

You can dip in anywhere of your choice from the Contents page, or you can start reading at the beginning here.

And if you’d like to listen to EDEN, make sure you subscribe to the new EDEN by FREI YouTube channel, where I’ll be doing twice weekly webcasts on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm BST (London) / 1pm EDT (New York) starting 1 July 2020, reading all of EDEN from start to finish, one short chapter per session.

These videos will then be posted here afterwards, so you will also get them if you follow this blog, albeit not live.

And of course if you want to own part or all of EDEN, there is now a full series of handsome paperbacks, the EDEN miniatures, which are also available as ebooks.

In whichever form or format, I hope you’ll enjoy this exploration of what it means to be human today.


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